An Ecosystem Powered by the NULS POCM

It can be tough to decide which projects in the crypto space are worth investing in. I myself have spent many hours pouring over white papers and websites. In the end, I’ve found that when it comes to investing, it’s important to look at more than just a project idea. The project concept is crucial but it’s also just as important to know the team behind the project and to know who else is investing. I’ve been following Cobalt Lend for a while now. What began as a platform to help people borrow and lend on the blockchain, became much more in a short time. Faced with many problems, they eventually created their own oracle and decided to move forward with creating an entire ecosystem filled with great projects. Many wonderful teams have come on board to help build a bigger and better ecosystem so I did the research on those teams and I’m reporting about them here to help you as you’re doing your own research (this is not financial advice).

Right off the bat, you should know this ecosystem is powered by NULS. The NULS network, named Nerve, is a digital asset service network with a cross-chain interaction protocol. This allows projects to use the chain and easily move data to another chain. In the case of NULS, the Ethereum network is their cross-chain. They also offer staking with Ethereum-based projects. NULS and Cobalt Lend linked up to help one another and now many more projects are using NULS to build this ecosystem that began as a dream to work together in the crypto space. I did a piece on Cobalt Lend that you can check out on my Medium page here. Currently, there are nine projects operating within this ecosystem.

First up, Peet Defi. Peet is native to the Binance Smart Chain but exists on other chains as well. Its asset token, PTE, is used on the Peet Platform as a utility token, it’s used in governance (voting), and you can stake with this token. Peet is a decentralized platform that allows its users to collateralize assets they own and use those assets to represent value on the blockchain. In this way, assets can be used to earn returns. Looking at their mechanics, all transactions have a 5% tax. Meaning each time the token is traded, sold, or bought, 5% of those transactions are funneled to different areas of the project. 2% is sent to the liquidity pool, 2% is sent to the holders, and 1% is burned.

Next let’s take a look at Earhart. Like the namesake, this project deals with aviation. They want to improve the trustworthiness and the traceability of aeronautical data. Data can be submitted and viewed in real time and when it’s done through the blockchain, this decreased ground time for flights. Effectively, this project will be streamlining air travel. They’re currently working their way through their roadmap and you can check that out more about it here in the great Medium article.

Interop is another great project in the ecosystem. Interop is a community driven NFT platform!! You can buy and sell art here. With airdrops, staking, and cross-chain capabilities, this platform makes it easy to share anything from art to fashion. They’re currently working on a new project dubbed the Station One Gallery Check which promises to blur the lines between material and immaterial. You can learn more about their project here.

Next up on the list is FarSwap. FarSwap is a cross-chain software that allows users to buy, sell, borrow, and lend cryptocurrency. Just what we like, right? This project is community driven and governance is done using the native token, FAR. They promise high rewards for yield farming. To check out more about this project and the team, you can visit their website here.

Token Republic is another on the list of projects banding together to create this ecosystem with Cobalt Lend. Token Republic is crowdfunding on the blockchain. The project offers faster transactions and adds much needed security to the space. This will help businesses focus more on what’s important, the business. The CEO for the project is Patrick Howard who is also the CEO of Token Trolley, Bpay and TOL Enterprises. He has more than 30 years of experience in this field. For more information on this project you can take a look here.

Next up is GG Dap. This project is an Indie game development company based in Portugal. They want to reward the players, developers, and investors. The team is made up of passionate developers, one of which has experience as a computer engineer for more than 15 years and has been actively building on the blockchain for a few years. Their goal is to help make gaming profitable using NFTs as their core. For more detailed information about this project, read this great Medium article by the NULS network.

After that, we’ll talk about Sonergy. This project is a blockchain-based integrity protocol that offers safer and quicker dissemination of business related data. This network connects businesses to researchers and data providers. The quicker and more accurate the information is, the more businesses can use this data to improve their businesses. For more information on Sonergy, you can visit their website here.

Next on the list is MesChain. Powered by Genesis Blockchain Technologies, a company that manages crypto markets and assets to provide different types of digital services. This project is contributing to the business development of the world using blockchain technology. They offer better efficiency and save time for companies as they search for the best solutions to blockchain on-boarding and much more. For more information on this project, you can go here.

The last to mention is a project called Vibook. Vibook is a blockchain-based social knowledge sharing platform. All types of users from researchers to academics can come together to share what they know. In light of all this new technology, education is extremely important and Vibook wants to change the way we share. They hope to become a hub for knowledge sharing within the space. Knowledge is power.

That’s a quick dive into this ever growing ecosystem. By coming together, these projects are able to use each other as resources and ensure the projects succeed. In the future, there will be AMAs with the projects and many more updates so be sure to continue checking this website for those dates, they’ll be listed on the calendar at the bottom. These projects hang out on other social media and you’re always encouraged to join their telegram channels.