An Introduction to NULS

The cryptocurrency craze has been persistent. With so many blockchains to build on, developers can now choose the chain that works best for their project. At first we were introduced to Ethereum which has given the community a way to build out using smart contracts. However, there are some inherent problems when using the Ethereum chain. Ethereum is a fantastic blockchain with a huge ecosystem of projects building there and it’s become one of the most successful so far but many have encountered things like slow transaction times and high gas fee. It’s no surprise that many projects are choosing to build their projects with other chains and then integrate after. The NULS network is a perfect example of a blockchain being used by lots of projects to develop and share their work.

NULS launched in September of 2017 and are based primarily in Singapore. This project is geared toward helping other projects build on the blockchain. They’ve created an adaptable blockchain and a microservice-layer that makes it easy to create modules for anything. They provide a cost-effective and time-saving solution for developers even if the developers don’t have much blockchain experience. These types of implementations make it easy to onboard other businesses and get them building on the blockchain. In summation, the team from NULS wants to make blockchain more accessible to businesses and developers alike. NULS has many things in the works and some recent updates about those additions, all of which have helped to boost the price for the token and boost the utility and use of their platform.

First, NULS has launched an SCO group. This group comprises all the different projects that are building on the NULS network. These groups include but are not limited to teams like Cobalt Lend, Vibook, GG Dapp, Token Republic, Earhart, Interop, and Sonergy. When this group first formed there were about 16 projects and that number has recently grown to around 34 different groups. The NULS SCO groups meet on Telegram every Monday morning to discuss their projects and to allow the community an opportunity to ask questions to the representatives and developers of these groups. Cobalt Lend helps each Monday to highlight a new project and give all projects the recognition they deserve. The ecosystem that’s been created under the SCO platform is thriving and full of like-minded individuals looking to help each other grow.

NULS has also recently announced the Nerve Network and their trading platform Nerve Dex (NDEX). Here, you can trade assets or stake your tokens on the platform. The NDEX was created to help establish a better way to list tokens and will allow the users to create trading pairs and list new assets with ease. NULS native projects will be able to get a quick listing on the exchange. The NDEX aspires to be an exchange that all crypto enthusiasts can use easily.

Recently NULS announced new partnerships with the likes of BitMart Labs, Consensus Lab, Quest Capital, and Chain Capital. The NULS token was also listed on the North American exchange, BitMart. The NULS native token, $NVT, can be used for futures trading on TokenBetter. In addition to all those updates and partnership announcements, vendors can now confidently accept NULS online. These vendors are powered by big names like Shopify or Wordpress. Lastly, it’s important to note that users can even allow donations on platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and Twitter now.

With all of these updates and announcements, it’s easy to be excited for the NULS team. They work tirelessly to create a good project that can service many other projects. That sentiment is evident with the amount of projects they support in the SCO groups. In the future, NULS has many more updates and announcements at the ready as they work toward even more friendly user experience and new partnerships. If you’re interested in joining the SCO group on Mondays for their Crypto Corner chat, you can check out this link to their NULS Telegram group.



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