Gameplay for Paradox Realm


Each player must have an NFT in order to participate in the actual game or any planned Paradox experience. The character NFT they mint or purchase from the secondary market will be the character they play within the game space. Once each player has selected a character, they will visit the Paradox Realm website to get instructions about how to play each level within the game. This will be updated as we continue to build out the different worlds on the Paradox Realm website.

The first world will be set in the 1920’s gangster era of America. Each player will be given the storyline to solve the challenges from the main page and then be allowed to navigate through the 2D space to arrive at different rooms with different puzzles, riddles, or challenges. The completion of these challenges will be rewarded with NFTs (from our initial mint), monetary prizes, and linked to real world events. All prizes and events will thematically correlate with the world being played through.

The next few worlds lined out for the Paradox Realm include but are not limited to, England in the 1800’s, The Wild West of America, and intergalactic space. This is only the beginning to all the different worlds the Paradox team will go on to create, ultimately expanding into the metaverse. All artistic renderings for Paradox Realm gameplay will be integrated into 3d models inside of the metaverse for later stage game play.

There is a summoning feature designed to “kill” certain NFTs through the update authority within the smart contract itself using an antidote to save the majority of the NFTs participating in this stage of gameplay (implemented into later stages of Paradox Realm with the metaverse build-out that will facilitate this transition — NOT initial mint).

This feature will allow for direct competition between individual NFT holders inside the metaverse. Multiple NFT holders can participate in a specifically designed cash prize challenge, with the expectation that they may possibly lose their own NFT during the challenge if they don’t meet the criteria laid out in Paradox Realm gameplay.

Example below:

Only 90% of the NFTs that enter the world are spared. Each world will have a mechanism in place (the antidote) designed to save some, but an unlucky 10% will be destroyed. After all, it’s the Paradox Realm, things are bound to become a little chaotic (ONLY available in summoning).

All challenges will lead a player to a specific wallet address. Once a player has uncovered or solved for the wallet address, they will be asked to submit a small transaction to lock in a time stamp that can accurately and fairly determine the winners of the challenges (more on this in tokenomics).



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