My New NFT Project: Paradox Realm

The Vision:

The Paradox team is creating a unique approach to blockchain gaming in order to engage the end user both in an online world and in real life. We want to provide a riveting experience that begins online as a riddle, puzzle, and competition based NFT card game and extends to users connecting real world events to the game itself. During the course of the game, the players will be able to solve challenges set forth by the Paradox team and earn more NFTs that will ultimately enhance their gaming experience. These NFTs will be linked to both online rewards such as cashable prizes like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana or NFTs that allow users to attend and participate in our planned real world events. Some of the riddles will unlock access to new and rare characters commonly referred to in the NFT world as “rarities.” Some puzzles will lead to clues or invitations to attend real world events that we have planned out through our marketing department. These will include such thing as parties, art exhibits, real life panic rooms, and murder mysteries. Other challenges will result in ways to transform or enhance your NFT, move to different (hidden) places within the game, or even challenge an opponent in the metaverse. Building out part of the Paradox Realm in the metaverse is planned for Q2 of 2022 along with making the transition into purchasing real estate in the metaverse for other creators to build out with us using Solana.

The point of Paradox is to always be opening up new avenues of interaction for the audience to continually engage with their NFTs in new ways within the Paradox Realm game. One planned example of client interaction is through our revolutionary “summoning” feature that will allow one user to directly challenge another user during interactive game play within the metaverse with one player ultimately risking their NFT resulting in destruction (using update authority).

When the Paradox team set out to develop this NFT game, we did so in order to help other artists get their content into an atmosphere that would allow them to receive the proper recognition / compensation for their work while continuing to contribute to a long term project. As a team, we have well over 30 years experience in the performing arts industry and will be applying that to the Paradox Realm to create a springboard for a self-sustaining production company run by a TRUE DAO. In the future, Paradox will be introducing ways for artists, musicians, writers, and all other kinds of creators to collaborate. We strongly believe that these collaborations will create great project interactions and strong communities, ultimately furthering the development of the Paradox Realm. Lots of labor and love went into creating a space that others can have fun in but one that also offers them opportunities to further their own creative ambitions.